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Whale in the Thames – Song Starter 06/14/2015

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I never got to hear the actual song starters, but he gave me some great advice. He told me that I should just start writing bad songs – any songs – and pretty soon I’d write a good one.

The Pendrakes – First One Home 09/17/2014

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I’ve been away from Minneapolis for a while now and haven’t seen a lot of Slim in the last ten years, but I’ve never forgotten how great he was to hang around, how quick he was with a compliment, and how cool it was to play music with him. Thanks Bob! Here’s a wedding song (sort of) for you.

Buzzirque – HEY!!! (a quiet hello) 09/03/2014

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It was an almost dreamlike night in that many unexpected musical moments were happening: emotional tunes, moving performances, skilled improv solos, all of it. This song is about that experience and what it felt like to be at the bar that night. We hope the fun nature of the track reflects how Slim makes everyone feel.

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