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The Happy Roosters – Cooler Then

Slim Town Singles is pleased to announce the May 28, 2014 release of Bob “Slim” Dunlap’s song “Cooler Then,” the debut recording by artists The Happy Roosters.

The Happy Roosters formed for the specific purpose of covering this overlooked Dunlap gem for the Slim Town Singles project, and “Cooler Then” represents the first time brothers Paul Pirner (The 757s) and David Pirner (Soul Asylum) have recorded together.  Also featured are drummer Steve Sutherland (The 757s, Nova Mob) and guitarist Ben Glaros (Fathom Lane).  All members count Dunlap as a mentor and an inspiration, and are pleased to make this musical contribution to the Slim Town series of Dunlap covers and original songs inspired by the legendary guitarist and songwriter.

Produced by the Pirner brothers along with Steve Sutherland, and recorded by Tom Herbers (Creation Studios, Minneapolis), Tommy Tousey (Silver Ant Studios, Minneapolis), and George Ortolano, (Stealth, New Orleans), the updated “Cooler Then” provides a fresh take on one of Dunlap’s more unique tunes.   The Pirner brothers complement each other brilliantly on vocals, Steve Sutherland and Paul Pirner build on the same dynamic rhythm section they establish for the 757s, and Ben Glaros provides soulful guitar work on the very same vintage Gibson Les Paul that Dunlap used during his stint with the Replacements.  The sessions also benefitted from Herbers’ work on the original Dunlap recording, which appeared on the album Times Like This (Medium Cool, 1996).  In so many ways, “Cooler Then” has come full circle.

Beloved for his generous spirit as well as his considerable musical talents, singer-songwriter and former Replacements guitarist Bob “Slim” Dunlap suffered a massive right brain stroke in February of 2012.  Beginning in December of 2013, Slim Town Singles has released weekly online musical tributes from the many artists who have been inspired by Slim.  All songs made available via Slim Town are productions donated by the artists themselves, with downloads offered for sale at a “pay what you like” price.  All proceeds from download sales go directly to support Slim’s care and recovery. Slim has given a lifetime of love, support and music to the Minnesota music community.  Now is our chance to give back.

Ben Glaros and Slim's Les Paul
Ben Glaros and Slim’s Les Paul
Paul and Dave Pirner
Paul and Dave Pirner
Steve Sutherland
Steve Sutherland

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