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Ashleigh Still with the Laurels String Quartet – Lulla(non) 8/27/2014

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Lulla(non) by Ashleigh Still featuring the Laurels String Quartet
Recorded by Daryl Bolicek at Wild Horse Studio

Vocals: Ashleigh Still
Guitar: Nate Sabin
Josh Misner – 1st Violin
Jesse Peterson – 2nd Violin
Erica Burton – Viola
Cory Grossman – Cello

Ashleigh Still

Tall. Slim. Old man. The stories I had heard and the wrinkles on his face laid claim: Slim Dunlap’s a badass. His giant, brown eyes were kind and his countenance was pure. What a brew. It was December 26, 2009. The first day-after-Christmas I had spent away from my children. I was vulnerable and raw. So grateful for something to do, I surrendered wholly to the experience. A Hootenanny at Java Jack’s to celebrate the oh-so-lovely Alison Locey’s birthday. As I placed my Ami guitar on that basement floor, suddenly aware of the approaching obligation to deliver (“what to play?!”), we were introduced. His voice was soft and rugged. He shook my hand, included my name with his “hello” and I was done for. Smitten. Intimidation soared through the vents of the ceiling and everything was all right. Time stopped when he played. Like watching an ethereal cartoon in 4-D, or like what I’ve heard of a blissful mushroom trip. The walls and the people were smoke, vapor, dancing in colors divine. In awe. Not the history, not the rock star, and not even the specifics of the song. It was his heart. His poignant, gentle, uncovered heart.  What luck to happen upon a night such as this, melodies such as these, and a legend so gracious as he… Then, I met Chrissie.  An angel. A light. A fairy. Like Glenda the Good Witch, her benevolent, seasoned awareness superseded only by her warmth. Their rich, sweetheart love for each other was palpable… On a recent visit, I was so moved again by their love.  As she spoke stories and details of what they’d experienced, she rubbed his belly. She’d pause every few minutes and lean into his face for a gentle kiss. Oh, the beauty of such affection.

I wrote this song shortly after I had read the news of the stroke. I imagined a night in the hospital room, Chrissie in a rocking chair, and an unspoken dialogue between the two of them.

Slim, please pardon the mush of this one. Next time I come by I’ll play a few more of the funny songs for you. <3   – Ashleigh

Ashleigh Still
Ashleigh Still Photo credit: Molly Maher

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