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Ben Glaros – Love to Give 4/30/2014

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“Love to Give” – 2014 by Ben Glaros

Guitar, Vocals – Ben Glaros
Recorded at home in Minneapolis special thanks to Angel Wagner for lyrical Feng Shui!

Slim Dunlap has long been a musical and personal hero of mine but he has never been more inspiring to me then he is right now.  When you visit him you can’t help but wonder how you would handle being in his situation.  Physically unable to do the things you love, mentally and emotionally one hundred percent there but seriously limited in your ability to express yourself in the ways that you are so gifted at.  It’s hard to imagine how difficult it’s gotta be…  But when you visit Slim, his eyes light up and you are drawn into his energy.  Although you have to get real close to hear him speak, and it takes great effort on his part and patience from both of you it is a precious experience.  Every word is golden.  While this man has as much right as anybody to complain about his circumstance, his first words will be a kind compliment, a funny true story or a caring inquiry that shows he’s been thinking of you.  No doubt Slim is still with us largely thanks to the love pouring in from all over the world, starting with his wonderful wife Chrissie.  But I get a sense he’s equally here because he knows that every day he still has a chance to make someone smile or laugh or just tell them that he loves them…

Slimbob – I don’t wanna presume to put words in your mouth and I know no one song can capture the whole story, but “Love to Give” is about the overwhelming feeling I get when I’m around you, or listening to your music, or just thinking of you. Thank you for all the love you bring into this world!


Ben Glaros    Photo Credit: © Tony Nelson 2012

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