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Doug Collins and the Receptionists – My Friends – 4/15/2016

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“My Friends” written by Doug Collins

Recorded by – Doug Collins and the Receptionists
Doug Collins – vocals, guitar
Billy Dankert – drums, vocals
Kevin Kluever – guitar
Charlie Varley – bass, vocals

The song “My Friends” is about celebrating friendship and support, and no one epitomizes those qualities more than Slim Dunlap. Musically, Slim’s guitar work (both as a solo artist and with the Replacements) always showed fantastic use of taste backing up whoever he was playing with, never showing off, but making everything from originals to Hank Williams tunes shine. And personally, he always had the time for a kind word for a band or the time to share a story, like how he told us the Replacements changed everything to the key of A on tour, because it would sound better in stadiums (which I don’t know if it’s true, but damn, that’s a great story). So Slim – a man who we all watched many nights, showing us wide eyed kids how to be a good person in this crazy business, here’s a message from me and those Receptionists – knowing you were there for us then makes it all the more important we’re there for you now.

Doug Collins and the Receptionists
Doug Collins and the Receptionists

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