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Adam Levy – Clemens in Plainview 6/11/2014

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I named the song “Clemens in Plainview” because while Slim was an awesome guitarist and singer-songwriter, some might argue he was an even better storyteller. A funny one. I always saw him channeling Mark Twain…plus he was from a small town in Minnesota, Plainview.

The Happy Roosters – Cooler Then 5-28-2014

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His song “Cooler Then” is a favorite, so when we got the call to cover it for Slim Town Singles, we jumped at it. My brother Dave whirled in with a vision of what our version of the song should be.

The Happy Roosters – Cooler Then

The Happy Roosters formed for the specific purpose of covering this overlooked Dunlap gem for the Slim Town Singles project, and “Cooler Then” represents the first time brothers Paul Pirner (The 757s) and David Pirner (Soul Asylum) have recorded together.

The Belfast Cowboys – Rock Band 5/08/2014

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I wrote the song “Rock Band” back then, and it never occurred to me how Slimfluenced it is until I was putting the finishing touches on the recording up at Sparta Sound last month.

Ben Glaros – Love to Give 4/30/2014

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Slimbob – I don’t wanna presume to put words in your mouth and I know no one song can capture the whole story, but “Love to Give” is about the overwhelming feeling I get when I’m around you, or listening to your music, or just thinking of you. Thank you for all the love you bring into this world!

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