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Gini Dodds – Lifelines 3/19/2014

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“Lifelines”  by Gini Dodds

Gini Dodds: Lead and backing vocals acoustic guitar, harmonica
Curt Almsted: Acoustic guitar 
John “Bongo” Haga: Drums, tambourine 
Dale Strength: Acoustic and 12-string guitars, bass, backing vocals

Recorded, Produced and Mastered by Dale Strength

Love can literally save one’s life.  Slim (and I believe a doctor or two) has said on several occasions that, if Chrissie hadn’t taken him home to care for him there, he might have been a goner by now.  Over the past two years, I’ve been witness to this, as I’ve had the privilege of visiting their cozy little hideway for Sunday Slimborees with other musicians in town.  Chrissie would be the last person to think she’s a hero.  As she said about responding to people who asked her years ago how she could handle caring for her twin babies, “You just do it; you don’t have a choice.”  Hero or not, she’s been a living example of love in action and walking the talk on a daily basis.

Slim soldiers on despite all his medical problems, with a big smile (and hopefully a “thumbs up”) for all who visit, still having hope for the future.  What torture for such a great songwriter to be unable to verbally communicate on most days, but he is patient and kind to those who try.  Slim, this is a love song I wrote for you and Chrissie, in a voice I imagined you might have used if you had written a song for her.  I thought of her as the Scarecrow to your Dorothy, “through your befores and afters.”

I’ve learned so much above love from you two and will love you always.  Keep on toadily rockin.’


When I woke up, you came shining down upon me
Like a standing sun after the long, dark storm
and I grabbed a hold of the promises you offered
and climbed out of the past life that I mourn

everything has changed so much
Thank God we’re the same (it’s my)


Like Dorothy’s farmhands, you’ve been right beside me
Through my befores and afters, I was all the same to you
You so willingly and quietly surrendered
Your freedom and ambitions to help me ride it through
Some days are better than others
But we’ll take what we can get (it’s our)


Looking in through our windows
What a tragic sight they see
No, they can’t tell we’re smiling
Cuz baby we got we

Oh, the days get long when you’re rendered an observer
Worshipped on the sidelines, moved from now to then
But you draw me in and pull the world around me
You speak the secret language on which my life depends
And I smile because you like it
And you’ll slide in next to me (it’s our)


Gini Dodds
Gini Dodds

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