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John Soshnik – One for Slim 4/16/2014

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“One for Slim” (J. Soshnik)

John Soshnik – guitars, bass, vocals
Marty Tanquist – backing vocals
Lillian Soshnik-Tanquist – backing vocals
Russell Rathbun – backing vocals
Jonathan Haines – backing vocals
Gibby the Dachshund – backing whimpers

I wrote this song a week or so after Slim had his stroke (and I posted a version of it anonymously on YouTube at that time).  It was written as my mind was flooded with the memories of seeing and experiencing Slim throughout the years, but especially that period in the early and mid-90s when he played his regular Turf Club dates.  In this updated version of the song, a number of my fellow fans (including a few who were with me at most of those Turf Club shows) join in for a sing-along at the end.  So here’s to you, Slim Dunlap, from some of your many fans.

– John

John Soshnik
John Soshnik

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