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The Bluefields – When Things Was Cheap 12/25/13

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“When Things Was Cheap” (Terry Adams) Published by Music Sales Corporation (ASCAP)

The Bluefields:
Warner E. Hodges – lead guitar, vocals
Joe Blanton – vocals, guitar
Dan Baird – vocals, bass, guitars
Brad Pemberton – drums

The Bluefields
The Bluefields

Back in the early 90’s I’d made a solo record and was gonna go on tour, but I needed a guitar slinger. I’d run into Slim while he was touring with the Replacements and we became friendly and stayed in touch. Well, it so happened the ‘Mats had called it a day and he had an opening in his schedule, so I had a guitar playin’ fool in my band. I think our pasts and love of music intersected hardest at a band called NRBQ. Everybody in the band loved ’em. They’d put out a record a few years before called “Grooves in Orbit” and we all loved it. There was a tune on it called “When Things was Cheap” that we worked out at soundcheck and we used to have a blast with it. We tried “Girl Like That” but it was too hard. This was down my alley. I saw a clip of Slim doin’ it from a little while back, and was asked if I’d like to contribute a tune to the cause. It seemed like a natural to me.
Thanks Terry for writin’ a gem. Thanks to my fellow Bluefields.
Love ya Slim.
-Dan Baird

Slim and Dan Baird

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