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The Love Soldiers – Tee Tot 2/19/2014

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“Tee Tot”
(written by the Love Soldiers)

Chris Lynch: guitars and keyboards
Steve Price: bass, “drums” and production overhaul from ruff little start
Hannah Lynch: singing
Mick Lynch: singing whenever mic was off 😉

Bob dreamed of Tee Tot before she was born while he was in the hospital after his stroke.  He imagined that he and Chrissie had found an orange tabby kitten near their home and they named it “Tee Tot”.  A few months later his grand-daughters DID find the tiny homeless tabby, and she had to be Tee Tot! She lives with the Dunlaps’ daughter Bee and her family, but she visits Bob regularly and likes to nap and play tambourine with him.

Bob and Chrissie were at the one and only Love Soldiers “gig” (comedic performance art opening slot?!) MANY years ago, and Bob declared himself one of our 3 fans.  The Dunlaps are like family to us – Chrissie was instrumental in helping with the planning of our wedding and she was there at the hospital the day after our son was born, bearing gifts and some of the only parenting advice I have whole-heartedly followed – probably because their three kids are such wonderful humans. Bob has always been a great friend and an endless source of musical support and advice (and many, many good stories!).  There’s so much more… suffice it to say it’s an honor to offer up this little trifle to them.  It is sung from the perspective of Tee Tot and their many other feline friends through the years, but it’s really a thinly veiled simple declaration of our own love and gratitude to them. We lurve you, Dun-lops. xoxoxoxoxo

Love Soldiers are Chris, Hannah and Mick Lynch.  Huge thanks to Steve Price, who is a soldier too, because he took the little audio mud pie we handed him and made it sweet and swingin’!

Thanks, friends!

Tee Tot
Tee Tot
Tee Tot
Tee Tot

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