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The Sycamores – Get Well Slim 12/07/2013

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“Get Well Slim” (F. Randall) 
 © 2012 Otis Lovesongs (BMI)
The Sycamores:
Frank Randall – guitars, vocals
David Downey – drums, backing vocals
Jim Johnson – pedal steel guitar
Heath Henjum – bass
John Eller – piano, backing vocals
Dave Boquist – backing vocals
Dave Biljan – backing vocalsRecorded and Mixed by Tom Herbers at Creation Studio, Minneapolis,

Get well Slim. That’s what we were all praying for in the dark of winter 2012 after hearing about his stroke. It’s what we still speak to ourselves when we hear of another trip to the hospital, or an infection setting in. It’s our hope that this song conveys the spirit of support, encouragement, and humor that Slim has provided to us over the years. And he continues to inspire us with his resilience, his smile, and his ability to bring people together. So here’s a Slim story: We were honored that Slim took an interest in the recording of the first Sycamores album. We were a band without a true lead guitar player at the time, and when recording “Local Sinners” for that album I thought, perfect, a guitar solo from one of our heroes, the stuff rock and roll dreams are made of. But beyond being a great guitarist, Slim has an unrivaled sense of what’s best for a song. And it’s not always more guitar. So after he played along with the break a couple times laying down a perfectly understated part I said “Slim, that sounds great. Do you want to try doing the solo now?” Slim: “That was the solo.” We were done. And he was right. Lessons in life and music courtesy of Bob Dunlap. Thank you always.
-Frank Randall
Get Well Slim Chorus: David Downey, Tom Herbers, Dave Boquist, John Eller and David Biljan.

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