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Adam Levy – Clemens in Plainview 6/11/2014

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Clemens in Plainview (Words and Music by Adam Levy, Yvelmada Music 2014)
Produced by Adam Levy & Brian Halverson & Scott Miller

Recorded by Brad Matala at Essential Sessions Studio in Saint Paul
Mixing and additional recording by Scott Miller at MillerPro Studio in Minneapolis

Adam Levy: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Brian Halverson: Electric Guitars, Vocals
Jillian Rae: Fiddle, Vocals
Joe Savage: Pedal Steel Guitar
Josh Kaplan: Drums, percussion
Liz Draper: Bass
Peter J Sands: Hammond B3 organ

I had a lot of fun writing and recording this song with both old and newly found musical friends.Slim’s legacy in town is huge. His musical influence, humility, spirit, and character shaped many of us in the Twin Cities. I wanted to take elements of stories and experiences I had with Slim as well as the admiring-from-afar status Slim occupies for so many.I named the song “Clemens in Plainview” because while Slim was an awesome guitarist and singer-songwriter, some might argue he was an even better storyteller. A funny one. I always saw him channeling Mark Twain…plus he was from a small town in Minnesota, Plainview.Lots of Minnesota references in the song. And the football on a St Louis road side? That happened when Slim challenged my band The Honeydogs to a post show football game. The game never happened…but I always imagined this was a post show ritual that Slim made his band enact–“builds character…we don’t need to sleep in no motel. That’s for sissies; we play a show, we play some football and we crash in the van. And then we drive to the next city and start all over again.”

Slim’s love for Hank Williams Sr was reverential and became one of the first big annual celebrations of another artist’s music before tributes were so ubiquitous. Slim even talked a little like Hank Williams. I guess that was the Plainview accent.

I’m imagining that someone in a far off place right now is spinning their copy of Slim’s “Old New Me” or “Times Like This.” I can hear the vinyl scratching. And I can hear Slim say “Adam, I like your music…but it has too many chords.” I’m hoping he will dig this.

Hats off to Slim,
– Adam

Adam Levy

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