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Buzzirque – HEY!!! (a quiet hello) 09/03/2014

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HEY!!! (a quiet hello) – Lyrics and Music by Steve Diedrich
Produced by Jim B-Reay and Steve Diedrich at Torn-Up Terrace Studios

Guitar, Vocals: Steve Diedrich
Acoustic Bass, Vocals: Ryan Williams
Drums, Percussion: John Hewitt
Keys: Jim B-Reay

It seems like many of the artists who’ve contributed to Slim Town Singles have either performed with Slim or are pretty close to Slim. Not true in my case, I only met him once, but Slim has one of those personas that makes an impact on you right away. My wife Pamela has photographed him performing several times, and my bandmate John Hewitt had shared bills with his bands in the past, but until a couple years ago I really didn’t know much about Slim, or how well he played and wrote. When asked to consider a song for Slim Town Singles, right away I thought about a night a few years back, and the song was pretty much written in one sitting.

Many of you are familiar with Jim Walsh’s Hoots where he invites singer-songwriters to get together and perform. One of the first Hoots I went to was at Dusty’s. It was a special event in that it was a send-off party for Swedish violinist Joel Bremer, now President of the Slim fan club. Joel had been in town playing music, had made many friends and it seemed like all of them were all stopping into the bar that night to say good-bye. Slim was there, and it was a who’s who of local musicians coming through the door, being welcomed with big smiles, getting in the queue to play a song or two, and then proceeding to blow everyone away with their talent. It was an almost dreamlike night in that many unexpected musical moments were happening: emotional tunes, moving performances, skilled improv solos, all of it.

This song is about that experience and what it felt like to be at the bar that night. We hope the fun nature of the track reflects how Slim makes everyone feel. Enjoy the tune. Download it. Donate to Slim’s cause. Thanks all.

Steve Diedrich, Buzzirque

Steve Diedrich, John Hewitt, Ryan Williams and Jim B-Reay. Photo credit: Pamela Diedrich

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