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Rank Strangers – Little Shiva’s Song 4/9/2014

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I have had the pleasure of playing and recording with Slim many times over the years and there is nobody like him. His songs and his weird snaky, sneaky, supercool approach to rock and roll guitar. A true Minnesota Original.

Joe Fahey – Picnic Table Blues 4/2/2014

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Slim would join us around the picnic table out behind the building where we would take our breaks from all that grueling practice. He’d tell these wonderful stories, heartfelt and funny and he would share some advice about music and performing.

Bill Dankert and the Real Austinaires – Drop Down 3/12/2014

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I’m sure everybody who’s met Slim has their own story of how he changed their life. In addition to loving his music over the years, I’m so grateful that I also got to know him just a little, to feel the humanity and heart that have made him such a beloved and positive influence on so many peoples’ lives.


Local Current Blog: Slim Town Singles: Celebrating Slim Dunlap, one song at a time

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Randall, the project’s musical director, has known Slim since the early 90s; Slim, Randall says, encouraged him as a songwriter and recorded with Randall’s band the Sycamores on a few albums. “[He] showed us that you could be a seriously gifted artist,” Randall said, “and still be an approachable human being, generous with his talent, humor and friendship.”

Slim Town Singles